Friday, April 22, 2011

A Little Bird Told Me...

Dear Overwhelmed Girl,

Do you have the completely irrational belief that so many of us have? That you can be everything to everyone, especially to those that you love? Do you believe it's your job to keep them all happy, to help them with everything that they are struggling with and to then go out and save the world in your free time?

Do you over commit and then beat yourself up when you under-deliver?

Are there a million things on your list that were really really important that you didn't even get to because you got caught up in doing things that weren't nearly as important?

OK now, take a deep breath. Now take another one. One more.

Remember that you are wonderful. You are loved. And phenomenal friend, amazing woman, you are a human being. You DO have limitations and it is totally okay for you to say no sometimes. Lots of times. In fact, it is essential.

When you don't stop to rest, to think, to recharge, to remember, to restore, you end up grouchy, tired, uncreative, angry, and numb to lots of life. You are a sparkling beautiful girl and we need that sparkle. So STOP today and make a list, prioritize it, be realistic. Say no to at least three things today. Practice.

Say yes to yourself, to joy, to rest, to being 100% present to the things that matter most to you, instead of a tired and diluted version who has too much to do to ever do her best at ANYTHING. Don't lose yourself while you are trying to be everything to everyone.

If at all possible, only have enough on your plate that you can do your best at everything you do. Your life will take on new meaning and happiness.

Just practice. This is a hard one, but so worth it. Hang in there! You are loved!


Friday, April 15, 2011

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little bird told me...

Dear Super Smart Girl,

Never let anything steal your soul. Never let anything blow your light out.

Be willing to walk away from things that feel wrong. Know that you have the ability to be a light in the darkness, and don't allow the darkness to dim YOU in any way.

Choose to put your energy in places where you want to grow more of what there already is, and don't put any more energy in places that you have outgrown or that you want to be free from.

Life can be good and joyful and light-filled and wonderful. You get to choose EVERY DAY where to put your energy -- every single day.

Choose wisely, beautiful girl, and life will unfold in beautiful ways.


"A little bird told me" - your Daily Truth from The Brave Girls Clubbr>

I am a brave girl!

I found a blog that is so cool. It was started by Melody Ross, a famous scrapbook designer. It's called Brave Girls Club. I was fascinated by its title and as I read it, loved it. She has online classes with artistic projects involved as well as journaling. The classes are called Soul Restoration classes. I was blessed to have won one and I am now taking it. If you have never heard of it, check it out and tell me what you think.