Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day full of labor

Hope you had a great labor day weekend! Mike has started classes and is taking two currently. He plans to take a third one starting in Oct. Still laid off. Never saw it this bad before, but determined to make the best of the time off.

Sooo...we went antiquing this holiday for our upcoming anniversary (29) and to have a break. Not to buy but to just look and have fun together. We met some great shop owners. Unfortunately, there was a coon hunters event going on (Every hear of Autumn Oaks?) and we had to pay more for our room.

Heard of the line "no room at the inn"?

We actually had to cross the state line to get a room. We ended up in a motel built in the 1950's and it looked like it inside. Lots of green tile. Old fashioned mirror with vertical lights attached. It worked and that is what mattered.

We decided to chill out today due to all the walking Saturday and Sunday. Mike is fishing while I catch up around here. We had planned on walking in a festival parade for a politician but that changed at the last minute. Up until a half hour ago, it was overcast and damp. The sun is making a valiant attempt to shine and that looks a lot better than shadows in the house.

We decided this was a great day to get started on a house project. We took off some wall border in the kitchen, starting masking things off and are getting ready to paint the kitchen. Time for the sterile white to go. We have had the same color for nearly 11 years. These past two years have seemed like a HGTV program with all the painting, fixing the yard up, replace torn furniture with new, etc. However, it has been fun redoing the place.

Ironically, this year has been a makeover, redo of our lives also with Mike's persistent unemployment. However, God has been faithful. Mike has started classes and is taking two currently. He plans to take a third one starting in Oct. Never saw it this bad before, but determined to make the best of the time off.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring "to-do" list started.

Beautiful weather this weekend and we decided to take advantage of it and start on our Spring to-do list. We got out the paint supplies and started painting our garage to match our house. Last year we just ran out of time, leaving a caramel-colored house with a lt. yellow garage.

We have several other "big" projects we want to get completed before summer comes and the grandchildren arrive. We need to replace the garage side door, put in another arbor, put in new front steps and sidewalk also. It will take nice, sunny weather for all of them.

Last year, we had numerous people stop and compliment the paint change and asking for the paint color. I am taking that as a sign of approval. Granted, there are those who lamented over not seeing our sunny, light yellow house. Ah well, can't please everyone all the time.

Fast and Furious

No, I don't mean the movie. Over Easter weekend we visited our daughter and our youngest grandchild in St. Louis. In the first 30 minutes, we experienced our first serious case of road rage. Taking the left leg of a "y" exit, I saw the white truck first, zooming up on my side, the passenger side, parallel to us. One second, nothing was on right, the next second the white truck was next to me.

The truck began coming over the white line into our lane. We've all seen that happen and have probably done it ourselves. I figured it would just gravitate back into its own lane once the driver noticed the situtation.

However, this truck kept coming over into our lane to the point that there was only 6 inches between us. I screamed, alerting Micheal, who seeing the situtation, began moving over to the left to avoid a crash. The truck kept coming over further. Mike then accelerated, hoping to pull ahead of the truck. The truck kept pace with us and coming further into our lane. At this point he was about 2 feet into our lane.

There was a highway below us and it seemed a crash was evident. Either from the truck actually hitting us or us going into the highway below. Then suddenly, the driver gave us the finger, jerked his steering wheel suddenly and went into the right "y" of the exit, weaving back and forth from the force.

Shaken, for the next hour we attempted to figure out why the driver did this. We couldn't think of a point where we had gone into his lane or cut him off accidentally. No clue. We just considered ourselves protected by God.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daffodils in Snow?

It sure looks like it from the weather forecasts given last night. My daffodils are ready to bloom too.

After visiting my grandson's, Nathan and Benjamin, for their birthdays in Florida, I was more than ready to come home to some warm weather. Let me clarify that...warm weather that stays. The temperatures were always in the 80's and was a welcome respite from the cold weather in Indiana.

We had a great time going to the ocean and using a boogey board for the first time. I wiped out, unfortunately. A storm system was coming in and the waves would get as high as 6 ft. By the time they got to us, they were maybe 4-5 ft. high. We got a sunburn to remember Florida by. During the weekend the boys got to go golfing with grandpa to try out the new junior golf sets we gave them. It was a wonderful trip! We actually got to watch Nathan play in a soccer game for the first time! Naturally, I took pictures.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sad news...

Our middle child, Rene, had a miscarriage. Devastating.

Going, going, gone...

Well, I ran for a position on the Kosciusko County Central Committee and lost. The lack of integrity was the most disappointing part of the process. Lots of duplicity. I am now weighing how much to be involved in politics as a whole. I want to put my time and efforts into what will be worthwhile. A part of me just wants to "throw in the towel" and say, "good riddance! While another part of me wants to stay involved. A conondrum.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby makes 4!

Exciting News!

My youngest daughter, Rene, called last Friday and announced she is pregnant. This is her second child. She already has a son, our grandson Tommy, a real cutie. The baby is due sometime in October. A part of me would like a granddaughter. I have 3 grandsons already. Those pink, ruffled outfits are just so cute! At the same time, I have saved tons of money. Well....sometimes sacrifices just have to be made. Right? Either way, we will love our newest addition and can hardly wait.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Farewell to Alva May...

A few weeks ago, January, 2009, a beloved family member passed away, Alva May Iliff. Alva was more than a cousin. For years, she watched my siblings and I while my mother, a single parent, worked to support us. She was a pillar of support, a person to talk to, nearly an older sister. When she got old enough, she got hired at Hart Shaffner and Marx and worked alongside my mother. She lived with us for a number of years, only moving out when she got married. Eventually, she moved out of state to Alabama and out of daily touch.

We kept in contact with telephone conversations and a few visits through the years. During those times, we talked about "the old times" at our house and at our grandparents. Time just seemed to go so quickly with promises to visit more, talk more, etc.

Unfortunately, last year she was diagnosed with cancer. She bravely held on for about 8 months. Our last visit was during her last hospital stay. A shadow of herself, she still wanted to visit and we talked out our relationship with God. What a precious time, despite the surroundings.

About a week later, she passed away. I will never forget her. She was quite a disciplinarian with us kids, but always there for us. Like I said, she was more like an older sister than a cousin. She will be missed. Until we meet again, May.

P.S. A memorial is planned for her in Indiana in the summer. Please forward any memories you have of her. It would be wonderful to share them with one another.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas in sunny Florida...

We had a great time in Florida. The weather was usually sunny and in the high 70's or low 80's. The only time we had any bad weather was when we went to New Smyrna Beach on Christmas Day. Our son-in-law wanted to do something different this year. At the time, it sure sounded like an interesting departure from the regular routine. So...we had a breakfast brunch after opening gifts, packed up and went to the beach.

The forecast was an 18% chance of rain. Not bad. Naturally, it drizzled off and on while driving there. But hey, we were an hour away so it still looked like a good idea. We arrived at our destination, gray skies overhead and a drizzle. A drizzle that never left. Bravely, Mike and the boys went into the water. Whew! It was cold!
After a while, the boys (meaning Mike, son-in-law Kevin, and the two grandsons Nathan and Benjamin) began building a sandcastle. Kevin decided to bring shovels this time to dig. I mean BIG shovels. The kind you use at home for digging big holes! He obviously meant business!

So grandpa Mike and daddy Kevin had the task of digging. This was not going to be an ordinary sandcastle by any means. They had grandiose plans. Unfortunately, after several hours in the cold drizzle, Brooke and I (shivering in our regular clothes) suggested calling it a day. Disappointing weather but we still had fun spending time together.

All in all, we did do something different than past Christmases and we DEFINITELY make a memory that will linger in our minds for years.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Perfect 10 at last!

Remember that old movie, "10"? And let's not forget the symbolism of 10 on surveys or polls or even the scale used when describing how "hot" a person is. 10 meaning perfection. After years of perms, haircuts, following fashion, attending numerous makeup parties and such, I have finally achieved that distinction. Of course, my husband, being the jewel that he is thinks I have been a "10" from the day he met me. (I love you, honey!")

Yes, I have now reached the ranks of Bo Derek, the original "10". How did I receive this high honor, this badge of distinction? I owe it all to Clairol. Yep, the long-guarded secret has been revealed. I discovered their new line, "Perfect 10" a few months ago. 10 minutes for the perfect 10 color! Just what this continually-in-motion grandmother needed. (Yikes! Did I actually write "grandmother"?) I mean, just what this active, savvy, career woman needed. (Hmmm...much better.)

My advice to other women striving for so many years to be that "perfect 10"? Hey, make it easy on yourself and just purchase Clairol's product and make your life a whole lot easier. Have fun trying out the different hair colors and enjoy the ride! It's a blast, believe me!