Friday, January 23, 2009

Christmas in sunny Florida...

We had a great time in Florida. The weather was usually sunny and in the high 70's or low 80's. The only time we had any bad weather was when we went to New Smyrna Beach on Christmas Day. Our son-in-law wanted to do something different this year. At the time, it sure sounded like an interesting departure from the regular routine. So...we had a breakfast brunch after opening gifts, packed up and went to the beach.

The forecast was an 18% chance of rain. Not bad. Naturally, it drizzled off and on while driving there. But hey, we were an hour away so it still looked like a good idea. We arrived at our destination, gray skies overhead and a drizzle. A drizzle that never left. Bravely, Mike and the boys went into the water. Whew! It was cold!
After a while, the boys (meaning Mike, son-in-law Kevin, and the two grandsons Nathan and Benjamin) began building a sandcastle. Kevin decided to bring shovels this time to dig. I mean BIG shovels. The kind you use at home for digging big holes! He obviously meant business!

So grandpa Mike and daddy Kevin had the task of digging. This was not going to be an ordinary sandcastle by any means. They had grandiose plans. Unfortunately, after several hours in the cold drizzle, Brooke and I (shivering in our regular clothes) suggested calling it a day. Disappointing weather but we still had fun spending time together.

All in all, we did do something different than past Christmases and we DEFINITELY make a memory that will linger in our minds for years.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Perfect 10 at last!

Remember that old movie, "10"? And let's not forget the symbolism of 10 on surveys or polls or even the scale used when describing how "hot" a person is. 10 meaning perfection. After years of perms, haircuts, following fashion, attending numerous makeup parties and such, I have finally achieved that distinction. Of course, my husband, being the jewel that he is thinks I have been a "10" from the day he met me. (I love you, honey!")

Yes, I have now reached the ranks of Bo Derek, the original "10". How did I receive this high honor, this badge of distinction? I owe it all to Clairol. Yep, the long-guarded secret has been revealed. I discovered their new line, "Perfect 10" a few months ago. 10 minutes for the perfect 10 color! Just what this continually-in-motion grandmother needed. (Yikes! Did I actually write "grandmother"?) I mean, just what this active, savvy, career woman needed. (Hmmm...much better.)

My advice to other women striving for so many years to be that "perfect 10"? Hey, make it easy on yourself and just purchase Clairol's product and make your life a whole lot easier. Have fun trying out the different hair colors and enjoy the ride! It's a blast, believe me!