Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New stage in life?

For the past year or so I have been feeling a change was coming in my life.  When praying, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to get ready for a new season.  Part of me is anticipating the change, while another is fighting dread of the unknown.   Amazingly, both Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen have spoken on that subject in the last week or so and have offered encouragement to those stepping out. They have told people to work where their passion is.  That one's passion is linked to one's God-given talents and gifts. (paraphrase)

I asked my husband, Mike, to be praying about possible upcoming changes and he shared that he felt the same.  He didn't get any specifics but to just get ready.  Things have occurred which lead me to believe a big shift will start in January 2013. 

I believe part of the shift will include walking out in faith and beginning to sell crafts.  I have always loved crafts and my grandson, Benjamin, is my biggest fan and encourager.  I especially feel drawn to journals.  Working in a library has taken me on some of my best and exciting adventures in life.  My job has enabled me to make a difference in people's lives and in the community.  I am stunned by what God has done through me in my position as PR Manager. 

I have gained a different perspective about books.  In fact, I started making crafts using books and book pages.  I have been praying about starting an Etsy shop called Novel Destinations.   Here is a sample of a journal I just made for a special friend leaving the library workplace.

Tell me what you think!