Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am The Photographer...

Yes. I am the family photographer. You know, the one that people run away from or hide from at family events? Love me or avoid me, but somehow I will get your picture to preserve family memories. Years later, as you look through photographs of cherished times, you will appreciate me. And believe it or not, I have had people seeking me out, pleading for me to take a picture.

I think I have always been the family photographer, starting in 4-H. There's just something about finding the right angle to catch that one-of-a-kind moment, that Kodak moment is what I call it. Currently, I have a Canon Powershot. I love that camera! I have had it for years and it gives me great photos. Although recently, I have found myself salivating over some of the newer models. 12 megapixels and 15 x optical view! (Calm down, Kathy!)

I've experimented leaving my camera behind when I 've gone to events. And guess what? Every time someone has come up to me and asked accusingly where my camera was. They had left their's at home because they knew I would be bringing mine. Go figure.

So, until someone else wants to take the heat, I am the unofficial family photographer on the prowl for those candid shots that you will beg for in the years to come.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It's Snowing!

Tell me it ain't so, Joe!

Mike had to scrape ice and snow off his windshield this morning before he could leave for work. I am not ready for this. What's all this I've hearing about global warming? Someone needs to tell "Mother Nature".

Friday, October 24, 2008

I am a Lipstick Republican!

Yes, it's true! I am Republican and I wear lipstick. I believe in the basic tenents and core values contained in the Republican Party platform . However, that doesn't mean I agree with everything they say or do. I love Mike, but I don't always agree with him on everything he says or does either.

Having said that, I am going to the Sarah Palin rally tomorrow! Mike stood in line in Ft. Wayne yesterday and got tickets for us. I am excited! This will be the first time I have attended a Presidential/Vice Presidential rally. I am hoping to get some closeup shots with my camera.

I am thinking of making a t-shirt with HUGE red glitter lips and the word, "Republican", meaning "Lipstick Republican". I think it would be cool! Maybe I can talk my sister into it also. Maybe, I can also talk Mike into donating one of his t-shirts for a worthy cause. Hmmmm...we'll see.

I really like Sarah Palin and I believe she has gotten a bad rap from the media. No matter what she says or does, they pick at it. I feel she represents me...a mother, wife of a union worker, from Main St., America, working outside the home, and a business owner. She understands balancing life with work. She is continually in my prayers as she pioneers in the position as a vice-presidential candidate.

So....tonight after finishing handing out popcorn to hundreds of Trick or Treaters in downtown Warsaw, I will be getting a t-shirt and supplies and fashioning a top for the rally tomorrow. GO RED!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ummm...Kathy, I set the house on fire.

I looked at Mike, disbelieving what I had just heard him say. Arching my brow, I said, "What?" I thought I had misheard him. He chuckled a little. "I really did!" he insisted. "I did it with the heat gun." How could he have done it with the heat gun? It didn't make sense. He must be joking. We had been using a heat gun to remove all the "alligator" paint for weeks. We only 3 feet to go on the entire house. However, he insisted he was telling the truth. He shared that he was in the last few feet of the trim and suddenly flames shot up. He immediately got the hose and hosed it down several times, testing the wood between each time. He detailed how he took out the old, rotten wood which had been the problem. For a while, I felt a little unnerved and kept sniffing periodically to see if I smelled smoke. It was already dark outside. Minutes passed by and no smoke or flames and I was finally able to relax. Ah, well. Another adventure to share.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Politics again!

Yes, I was schmoozing with the politicians last night at a Hall of Fame dinner. Congressman Mark Souder was there as guest speaker. I had a great time talking to him. Ironically, some of the talking points I made to him was included in his speech later. One CAN make a difference. The air was charged with electricity all evening. It was a special treat to be able to eat at the new restaurant, Fusion. Great meal! Interestingly, my tablemates were the media. Hmmm...never hurts to have friends in the media, right?

This year is going to be a squeaker. Lots of money is pouring in at the last minute in some of the pivotal races. People were encouraged to get energized and help at the phone banks. I can't imagine having only one party in power. This is a dangerous situation with the checks and balances removed. This reminds me of a friend who once coined, "Stop, drop, and pray!" How true!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Over 50 and taking prenatal vitamins!

This past month I let Mike order our vitamins online. It's a simple process and they show you the order several times before you pay for it so mistakes can be avoided. The next day the company sent a confirmation of the order. Usually I just ignore it. I decided to check it this time. Was I in for a surprise! Somehow, Mike had ordered me prenatal vitamins instead of the regular vitamins. I told Mike about it and joked that if he saw me acting a little different, that was why. I checked the ingredients in the catalog and figured they couldn't hurt me and to try to change the order wasn't worth the hassle.

Well, guess what! The next day I read an article in the paper and it said some women take prenatal vitamins because of the extra folic acid in it which promotes hair growth. Hmmmm... My hair has been thin for years and seems to be thinning even more, so I have decided to give the prenatal vitamins a try. The doctor in the article said the extras in the vitamins wouldn't hurt. So, I guess I will do a little experiment and see what happens. Watch for future posts!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jammed finger, cut knuckle...

Jammed finger, cut knuckle, blister on fingertip, aching lower back and neck... Yes. I've been painting! It's been a lonnnnnggg weekend. At the time, power washing the house seemed like a good idea... until some of the paint came off. Then, overspray from staining the deck furniture got on the siding. So, the decision was made to paint the house.

Now, we're trying to beat the cold weather and winter. The house looks nice, but it's been a slow process playing hide and seek with either cold or rainy days.

Leaves are falling and the days are getting shorter. At the same time, the to-do list seems to be getting longer. Ah well, eventually it will be over and Mike and I will be able to enjoy the changing of the leaves' colors, biking on nearby trails and just breathing in the beautiful scenery and its kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. Bliss.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Take a deep breath and blow out slowly...

This has been quite a week! Between work, home and politics, never a dull moment. Blogging, setting up a work blog, painting the house after work, preparing for a workshop, attending webinars, arranging photo ops, and dealing with an unexpected fire...time has flown by.

The first thing I had to tackle on Monday morning was finding replacement drawing prizes for the library. The restaurant that had donated meal certificates burnt out on Sunday. As they say...I hit the floor running. A thought occured to call a new restaurant in town that hadn't opened yet. After a several phone calls, I got a number for them. Eureka! They pitched in to help us out. Answer to prayer.