Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New stage in life?

For the past year or so I have been feeling a change was coming in my life.  When praying, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to get ready for a new season.  Part of me is anticipating the change, while another is fighting dread of the unknown.   Amazingly, both Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen have spoken on that subject in the last week or so and have offered encouragement to those stepping out. They have told people to work where their passion is.  That one's passion is linked to one's God-given talents and gifts. (paraphrase)

I asked my husband, Mike, to be praying about possible upcoming changes and he shared that he felt the same.  He didn't get any specifics but to just get ready.  Things have occurred which lead me to believe a big shift will start in January 2013. 

I believe part of the shift will include walking out in faith and beginning to sell crafts.  I have always loved crafts and my grandson, Benjamin, is my biggest fan and encourager.  I especially feel drawn to journals.  Working in a library has taken me on some of my best and exciting adventures in life.  My job has enabled me to make a difference in people's lives and in the community.  I am stunned by what God has done through me in my position as PR Manager. 

I have gained a different perspective about books.  In fact, I started making crafts using books and book pages.  I have been praying about starting an Etsy shop called Novel Destinations.   Here is a sample of a journal I just made for a special friend leaving the library workplace.

Tell me what you think!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Had a great weekend with friends.  On Saturday, a friend and I went to a Women's Expo.  I had been anticipating it since I had won the tickets.  I was not disappointed.   It was a memorable day. I think we went to nearly every booth and we signed up for countless prizes.  One booth had all jewelry for $5 or less.  This included earring and necklace sets.  What a bargain. I walked away with three sets!  Naturally, we tasted all the samples which ranged from flavored popcorn to all kinds of salsa.  I had never tried raspberry salsa before.  However, my friend assured me it tasted great over chicken.  I'll have to take her word for it because I don't think I will be trying it any time soon.  

On Sunday, I joined another friend at a bingo fundraiser after church. I never knew there were so any ways to play bingo!  L, T, 4 corners, small frame, etc.  I was really hoping to win a Vera Bradley tote.  Unfortunately, I didn't win anything but I enjoyed the time making new friends.  Plus, my money went for scholarships for local students.  A win win.

They were great ways to spend the weekend with it being so cold and windy.  In my defense, I did attempt to do some weeding. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wow!  Is that date correct?  Feb 22 since I last posted?  Well,  I have been busy writing an article for an magazine which was accepted.  Also, I have started some cover art for another magazine.   That's not counting an Altered Book Art display at my library that I have been working on.   I made a book purse, an apple, some folded pages sculpure pieces, and now I am working on some jewelry pieces.  Plus, a ton of work tasks and several board and committee meetings outside of work.   Whew!  Getting tired reading this? 

I am not complaining.  I love to craft and create both things and come up with new ideas.  I just finished a surprise Miss Kitty felted sweater doll for my granddaughter Lucy.  Here it is:  Let me know what you think. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are you crafts minded?  Do you get thrills and chills creating new things?  I do!  I love the challenge of something new but too often I don't seem to find the time what with work and family obligations.  Unfortunately, when I don't have the opportunity to use my creativity, I feel stagnant, unfulfilled.  I am always searching for ways to jumpstart my creativity and to find the time that seems nonexistent.  Here is a great tool that I found which I believe will help you and me to keep creating. I found it on the P.S. I Made It facebook page.   Try it and see what happens!  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Soon-to-be published!

Woo hoo!  I was offered the opportunity to submit an article to a family magazine.  Battling nervousness, I forged ahead.  Ironically, the monthly issue I am submitting an article for is about gardening.   Hmmmm...I have been known to kill air ferns.  I just don't have a green thumb like my husband.  Thankfully, he knows what he is doing and carries out my ideas.  Using my crafting and design skills with his gardening abilities we have created an English garden which produces abundant colors and fragrances through the summer.

I prayed and got the idea to write an article on "Growing Your Creativity", sharing inexpensive craft ideas using items found around the yard and house.  I explained that the lack of gardening skills doesn't mean one has to hire someone or have to spend a lot.  I lost count of how many times I tweaked the article.  Finally, I sent it in.  Within a day or two, I got a reply back that they loved it.  Whew!  I was thrilled to say the least.  It will appear in the May/June issue and I can hardly wait.  Life is good!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I love Pinterest!  Yes, it can be time-consuming...but that's my fault, it's my choice.   I love viewing new crafts from around the world.  I love finding and trying out new recipes.  It's fun to see all the journaling ideas that I can incorporate into my journals.   What is there not to like?
For Valentine's Day, I used some of the clipart to send to my husband who is working states away.  Several spoke what I felt in my heart for him.  I sent him at least one a day, letting him know how special he is to me.  I received inspiration for an article I am submitting to a magazine.  It's fun, easy, inspiring, motivational, and more, much more!  Visit me at my pinterest pinboard and join in the fun.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The to-do list

Well, I am getting closer to finishing my to-do list for the weekend.  I finally got my Christmas scrap album finished and I am well on the way to finishing the magazine article I need to submit.  It still needs a little tweaking but I'm getting there.  Today, I will work on my journaling.   I have been looking at some of the journaling sites and have found some wonderful prompts to act as a springboard.  In fact, it was almost information overload.  I finally decided to put them on my Pinterest journals and journaling board for future reference for me and any of my followers.   http://pinterest.com/kstutz/journals-and-journaling-prompts/

There was one blog I particularly liked as it broke down a 30 day project into individual days.  The blogger had creative page ideas in addition and I plan to incorporate some of them.  It's  www.souljournaling.com/prompts.php.  She uses a mixed media approach which I think will be a great method to show my inner thoughts but also my crafting skills. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Me a magazine writer? Who knew?

Filled with excitement and anxiety at the same time.   I have been given the opportunity to submit an article to a family-centered magazine.   Over two years ago, I had made an inquiry about the possibility and it seemed to fall through.  Then last week, I got an unexpected email asking if I was still interested in writing for them.  "Sure," I said before I could let fear get in.   They then sent me the details.   Soooo...I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about what to write and the style in which to write the article.   I want to stay true to myself and not pretend I am something I am not.   Finally, I got an idea and I am going to run with it.   The issue will be concentrating on gardens and springtime.   The title I came up with is "Grow Your Creativity".   I will write about using what's around us in the garden and yard to make useful home decor, unique ways to plant, and fun crafts,Wish me luck.  Even better, pray for me.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas album from rcycled kids book!

I'm finally got my 2011 Christmas album started.  Instead of using a premade album and just sticking photos inside, I decided to use my My Story machine.  I got it for $12.50 while on vacation with 3, yes 3 cricut 6"x12" mats.  What a steal!  (I had been drooling over one for several years and I just couldn't resist it at that price, so I decided to "gift" myself for Christmas.)

Some extra time came up in the last few weeks and it seemed the perfect time to try out this nifty machine.  I had gone to my local discount store a week or so ago and bought some used children's story books.  35 cents apiece!  More savings!

Choosing one of them, I removed the pages leaving the cover intact. Using the original pages as a template, I made new sheets out of scrapbooking paper.  I decided to include some filler strips between the pages so I could add embellishments.  I then discovered from the internet that a strip of hot glue gun glue can be substituted for the more costly My Story laminating strips.  Woo hoo!  Even more money saved! 

I recovered the book cover with holiday wrapping paper and set it aside to dry.  I drew a thick line of glue inside the spine where the pages would go, just short 1/4 inch of each end.  (The glue will spread out.) I let the glue dry for 5 minutes while I straightened my pages,making sure the ends were even. 

The glue eventually set and I was ready to put the cover in the My Story machine with the bundle of freshly cut papers placed between the covers and inside the spine area.  I held the pages in place for a little while and then let the process take care of itself.  It turned out wonderfully!  I was so thrilled with the result that I went out and got lots of children's books. 

So for a little money, I made a unique Christmas album from a recycled children's story book.  I plan to use the other children's books I purchased for other types of albums through the year.  In the meantime, I am having fun adding fun embellishments to the pages of the album I just made, making it even more a one-of-a-kind album.

Governor's visit and I was on TV...sort of

What a great opportunity last night to see Governor Daniels at the Chamber annual dinner.  The room was abuzz with anticipation.  Excitement was in the air.  The audience was very diverse with different age groups and a mix of business leaders and the average citizen. 

The Governor captured the audience's attention with his passion for conservatism.  Unfortunately, the catered meal didn't fare as well.  Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsey would have been disappointed with the meal. It was a shame as the decor was beautful and the evening went smoothly with no hitches.

I watched the news when I returned home and saw he had been been interviewed by a tv station.  As I watched, I thought I saw something familiar in the background.  After a few minutes, I figured it out.  They were interviewing the Governor right behind our table and there I was in the background...or should I say my jacket was.  The camera caught me talking and moving and getting up, but never a face shot.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not enough time but you still want to make some unique and special valentines for those special loved ones?   Here are some cards ideas from Archivers that are easy to make.  They even have a class you can take to make them. 

Red velvet crepes

Here is something special for your special loved ones on Valentine's Day.   Easy to make and definitely packs a message of love.   For breakfast or for dessert.

Love Note Pillows

I am thinking Valentines!  With 4 grandchildren, a husband and son-in-laws, sibling, etc. it's not too soon to start.   I found a really great idea for my grandchildren...love note pillows.  I have seen several ways to make them, but this is the easiest method and I can hardly wait.  Forget costly photo tranfer paper and printers!

These love note pillows are simple to make!  Sharpies.  Pillows.  Cloth to cover.  Sewing.   You can even buy a pillow already made and just recover it to make this go even faster.  No sewing machine?  No problem!  You can sew by hand.  That's what they did before the invention of sewing machines, right? 


Saturday, January 14, 2012

QR codes and how you can use them.

     QR codes are square barcodes that smartphones and tablets can read. I'm sure you've seen them around. A QR code can contain information ranging from a website address or app download link to a calendar event or simply plain text. Once scanned, the information will show up on the person's phone.
     So? How can the average person use them? Put them on invites and include a Google map link or on shipping boxes when moving, listing what exactly is in them. You can even include videos onto Christmas cards.
     Simply create them on your computer using sites like QRStuff.com and Kayway . Just enter the information and you have an instant QR code. You can download it as an image, print it or email it for free.
     You make them simple or add color and images. Once you've created a code, you can download it as an image file, print out and use it.  
     Are you ready? Take a picture of this with your smartphone camera or android tablet camera and see what this qr code says. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Resolutions for Creative People

1. Set aside time to do something creative or inspiring. Read a book on your interests, go to a craft show or museum, experiment with a new medium.
2. Journal faithfully at least three times a week to record a sketch, drawing, your thoughts, or new ideas. Go a step further and make your own journal or remake a composition tablet.
3. Set aside at least half an hour a week to work on your creative interests or develop an idea further.
4. Break from the norm and regularly do something differently, try a different method or way. Try doing a project with someone instead of just by yourself.
5. Work creatively in different locations or find different sources for inspiration. Move from inside and go outside. Try going to an art museum and sketch some ideas down. Look at some commercial ads for inspiration.
6. Treat yourself to an item to use creatively tha you always felt was too extravagant.
7. Share your creativity with others by offering tips, teach or attend a class, join a related association. Have the courage to show others your work.
An article by Darla McCammon in the Warsaw Times Union served as the inspiration for this.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jusr relaxing tonight.

Just finished watching The Help with Mike.  Judging from his laughter, he enjoyed it as much as I did the first time.  Great movie if you haven't seen it. Wonderful moral story.

Tomorrow I'll be working on my presentation in INDY on New Year's resolutions for membership.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Has it been this long?

Wow. Time sure seems to fly, doesn't it. I have been so busy with vacations, holidays, and work that I put this on the back burner. For some reason the grandkids seem to take most of my attention when they are around. Probably because I love them so much and enjoy the limited time with them. They are my focus when they visit or we visit them.

We had a great summer time with them and went camping which was an event in itself. Who knew we would pick a date that would coincide with a deluge of rain. Whew! I was soaking wet by morning even though we were in a tent. Fortunately, there were times that it didn't rain and I have memories of roasting marshmallows and boating on the lake. Not to mention Mike putting too much water in the pancake mix and we had to go to the camp store and buy food. Trust me, they are not known for their inexpensive prices.

Then came the holidays! We spent Thanksgiving with our son who had just relocated back to Wilmington, NC. We had a great time walking the historic downtown and seeing the Cotton Exchange. I was surprised how many families ate at Cracker Barrel! We had a wait of one hour and there were about 50 people standing or sitting on the "porch". Plus, the store was full! What an experience.

Christmas found us in Orlando with our oldest grandsons and daughter. This year the weather was wonderful. No winter coats, gloves, or hats were needed this year! We visited Dinosaur World with its life-sized dinosaurs and the new Lego Land. I would highly recommend both. What they were able to do with legos was amazing and they are adding a water park for this summer. Wheee!

Mike and I decided to do something for us this year and chose to go to St. Augustine. We had visited there over 20 years ago and remembered a quaint downtown. Whoa! Things have changed. Very commercial. We took the boys and visited the fort and a pirates museum. It was a great time. We decided to pass on the $4.95 per scoop ice cream and ate at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. Muy bien!

I'm now back in coooooold Indiana and wishing for the Florida sun. So what are doing?