Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tried Pinterest yet?

I have to admit when I got my first invite, I ignored it. I sure didn't need one more thing to take care of. Then someone at work asked if I had tried it yet. I had to admit I hadn't. I decided it was time to check it out. I mean, I can always unsubscribe, right?

Little did I know how addictive it would become because IT IS SO MUCH FUN. I am having so much fun finding things to "pin" that I lose track of time. So what is it?

It's like an online bulletin board. Or if it's easier, it's like a file cabinet with folders you create for different topics or your computer with different folders for different subjects.

Being crafts-minded, I started with crafts as my first folder, or "board" as they refer to it. I have since added recipes, decorating ideas, cool gadgets, etc. Whenever I find an idea I like on the web, I "pin" it. I can even "pin" ideas others have discovered. If I find someone that seems to like a lot of the same type of things as me, I will "follow" them and tap into their "pins".

It's a whole lot of fun and you need to try it. Come on, you can do it...just type in and press "Request an invite". Get ready for a whole new world of fun.