Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids say the Darnedest things!

Remember that old Art Linkletter show? I used to get a kick from what the little kids would say, think, or do innocently. It looks like my two grandsons have some of their own moments:

On the morning Benjamin (now 5) turned two, his brother, Nathan (now 8) got him out of the crib. Tugging his little brother's hand, Nathan walked into their mom's room. Nathan was upset and crying. Confronting his mother, my daughter, he reminded her that she had said Benjamin would be a big boy when he turned two. Wailing, Nathan told her that Benjamin wasn't talking. Brooke had to explain that being a big boy didn't mean Benjamin would automatically start talking. Nathan was devastated, having thought Benjamin would wake up talking.

Nathan was three when Benjamin was born and didn't quite understand what was involved with a baby. After repeated nights of the baby crying, Nathan asked innocently, "Can we take him back and get another one?"

None of us realized how much Benjamin was absorbing the commercials until recently Brooke had a fever blister and it had gotten below her lip a little. Benjamin asked what it was. When Brooke told him it was a "ow boo boo". He matter of factly told her to use Pro Active, that it would be gone when she woke up the next

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