Monday, January 12, 2009

A Perfect 10 at last!

Remember that old movie, "10"? And let's not forget the symbolism of 10 on surveys or polls or even the scale used when describing how "hot" a person is. 10 meaning perfection. After years of perms, haircuts, following fashion, attending numerous makeup parties and such, I have finally achieved that distinction. Of course, my husband, being the jewel that he is thinks I have been a "10" from the day he met me. (I love you, honey!")

Yes, I have now reached the ranks of Bo Derek, the original "10". How did I receive this high honor, this badge of distinction? I owe it all to Clairol. Yep, the long-guarded secret has been revealed. I discovered their new line, "Perfect 10" a few months ago. 10 minutes for the perfect 10 color! Just what this continually-in-motion grandmother needed. (Yikes! Did I actually write "grandmother"?) I mean, just what this active, savvy, career woman needed. (Hmmm...much better.)

My advice to other women striving for so many years to be that "perfect 10"? Hey, make it easy on yourself and just purchase Clairol's product and make your life a whole lot easier. Have fun trying out the different hair colors and enjoy the ride! It's a blast, believe me!

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