Monday, November 5, 2007

Time, Time, Time...see what's become of me

It's been a year of change and challenges. Husband changing jobs, missing my out-of-state grandchildren, etc. Finally, after months of self-pity, fear, and being a couch potato, it was time to take charge and realign my time, priorities and focus.

So armed with prayer and determination, I started my personal make-over with baby steps. I began with just enjoying being in the moment and spending quality time with the grandkids when they came to visit. Next, I resigned from some of my "all-important" responsibilities and refocused that energy into reaching out to others. I also began going through my house getting rid of clutter and bringing order into my household. At the same time, I found my life becoming the same way...becoming less clutterd and more organized as a result...basically getting in order.

Since our full-time business became a part-time business, I had lots of time on my hands. So...I am now re-entering the job market. Once again, I feel like a wide-eyed high school graduate going into the big, new world or similarly, a mother grappling with the somewhat frightening empty-nest syndrome, having to regain a vision for her individual life.

A new stage in life with new challenges. Life, here I come!

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