Monday, November 5, 2007

While I'm waiting for THE CALL...

Desert Sun on my elbows, Burgundy Satin on my fingers, the smell of paint thinner in the air. I'm a living painter's palette today. Instead of babysitting the phone and waiting for one of the MANY staffing agencies that I have applied to in the last two weeks to call, I have chosen to get some projects completed that have sat around.

So while shelves in the reorganized craft room are drying, I am multi-tasking...talking on the phone, checking email, posting to my new blogger account, and watching tv. I am WOMAN!

WANTED: Established business, that needs a multi-tasking, self-directed, highly organized and creative SUPERWOMAN capable of leaping sleeping children and spouse, faster than the family dog, and more powerful than subliminal ads.

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