Monday, December 17, 2007

Patience is a virtue...

I don't know who coined that phrase, however, I must be a very virtuous woman by now. After going through the interview grind...three interviews with the same company, then two interviews with another company, not counting a few others, I was finally offered a job. It was a "God thing". While interviewing for a part-time job at a library, it was dropped into the conversation about a full-time job coming up. After the interview, they asked if I would be interested in the full-time job and gave me the job description.

Truthfully, it looked a bit overwhelming and after reading it several times and discussing it with my husband, I thought I would pass on it. However, little did I understand the impact it would make on my brain. For the next few weeks, I was kept awake thinking about it, entertaining ways to do the job. Creative ways to interview kept entering my mind.

I couldn't get the job out of mind no matter how much I protested. I told Mike, we prayed about it and I felt I should go for it. Anticipation, fear, and dread were all mixed in one. After two weeks and no response, I figured I was out of the running. Then suddently, THE CALL. Sooo, I interviewed for the job. And the NEXT DAY, ON MY BIRTHDAY, they called and offered me the job. They will even wait a month for me to take the position. (Christmas plans, you know.) Excited and fearful at the same time.

Everyone keeps telling me it is the perfect job for me. Yet, I times I ask myself what I got myself into. Who do I think I am? What have I done? Then I tell myself that God will go before me and prepare the way, that everything I put my hands to will prosper. Fighting fire with fire, as they say.

So...within a few months my life has drastically changed. I've joined a grassroots effort to support Mike Huckabee and started a support group and NOW I've got a full-time job. Famine to feast! This year will definitely NOT be boring.


Kristine said...

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I love blogging and just documenting about life in general. I'll visit your blog to keep in touch.


Kathy said...

So glad to hear from you! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!