Monday, January 7, 2008

15 Seconds of Fame

Had a great time yesterday! Went to a Home and Garden Show with my daughter, Brooke and had a BLAST! Like a bird honing in on a worm from high up in the sky (That sounds more humane than saying mouse, right?), I zipped through the exhibits, looking for the demonstration stage. I had read that Sue Whitney, author of Junkmarket Style was speaking and demonstrating her creative skills. Zooming past the " 3 days, 4 nights vacation for only $199" booth, speeding by the "super douper mop of the century" demonstration and straight to the speaker's area. Faster than a speeding bullet, etc. Whew! I made it! In fact, I was the first to arrive. I noticed a lady walking along me as I got near the stage. Wait a minute! She looked somewhat familiar. Could it be? I asked her if she was Sue Whitney. Yes!!! It was Sue Whitney. She was gracious enough to listen to me gush about discovering her book at Lowe's and to have my picture taken with her. My daughter was about to melt into the floor from embarrassment. However, she was a real trouper and took the picture. I even got to see the black and white galley of her new book just about to be released. Then, unbelievably, Sue picked me to be part of her demonstration. How cool! Brooke just chuckled at me and said she just knew I would volunteer to be in the show. You betcha, girl! So, I got my 15 seconds of fame, double chin and all (I have got to get on a exercise plan and healthier diet once I return to Indiana!). What an unbelievable day! Go Sue!

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