Friday, January 27, 2012

Governor's visit and I was on TV...sort of

What a great opportunity last night to see Governor Daniels at the Chamber annual dinner.  The room was abuzz with anticipation.  Excitement was in the air.  The audience was very diverse with different age groups and a mix of business leaders and the average citizen. 

The Governor captured the audience's attention with his passion for conservatism.  Unfortunately, the catered meal didn't fare as well.  Hell's Kitchen, Chef Ramsey would have been disappointed with the meal. It was a shame as the decor was beautful and the evening went smoothly with no hitches.

I watched the news when I returned home and saw he had been been interviewed by a tv station.  As I watched, I thought I saw something familiar in the background.  After a few minutes, I figured it out.  They were interviewing the Governor right behind our table and there I was in the background...or should I say my jacket was.  The camera caught me talking and moving and getting up, but never a face shot.  

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