Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Has it been this long?

Wow. Time sure seems to fly, doesn't it. I have been so busy with vacations, holidays, and work that I put this on the back burner. For some reason the grandkids seem to take most of my attention when they are around. Probably because I love them so much and enjoy the limited time with them. They are my focus when they visit or we visit them.

We had a great summer time with them and went camping which was an event in itself. Who knew we would pick a date that would coincide with a deluge of rain. Whew! I was soaking wet by morning even though we were in a tent. Fortunately, there were times that it didn't rain and I have memories of roasting marshmallows and boating on the lake. Not to mention Mike putting too much water in the pancake mix and we had to go to the camp store and buy food. Trust me, they are not known for their inexpensive prices.

Then came the holidays! We spent Thanksgiving with our son who had just relocated back to Wilmington, NC. We had a great time walking the historic downtown and seeing the Cotton Exchange. I was surprised how many families ate at Cracker Barrel! We had a wait of one hour and there were about 50 people standing or sitting on the "porch". Plus, the store was full! What an experience.

Christmas found us in Orlando with our oldest grandsons and daughter. This year the weather was wonderful. No winter coats, gloves, or hats were needed this year! We visited Dinosaur World with its life-sized dinosaurs and the new Lego Land. I would highly recommend both. What they were able to do with legos was amazing and they are adding a water park for this summer. Wheee!

Mike and I decided to do something for us this year and chose to go to St. Augustine. We had visited there over 20 years ago and remembered a quaint downtown. Whoa! Things have changed. Very commercial. We took the boys and visited the fort and a pirates museum. It was a great time. We decided to pass on the $4.95 per scoop ice cream and ate at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place. Muy bien!

I'm now back in coooooold Indiana and wishing for the Florida sun. So what are doing?

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