Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year's Resolutions for Creative People

1. Set aside time to do something creative or inspiring. Read a book on your interests, go to a craft show or museum, experiment with a new medium.
2. Journal faithfully at least three times a week to record a sketch, drawing, your thoughts, or new ideas. Go a step further and make your own journal or remake a composition tablet.
3. Set aside at least half an hour a week to work on your creative interests or develop an idea further.
4. Break from the norm and regularly do something differently, try a different method or way. Try doing a project with someone instead of just by yourself.
5. Work creatively in different locations or find different sources for inspiration. Move from inside and go outside. Try going to an art museum and sketch some ideas down. Look at some commercial ads for inspiration.
6. Treat yourself to an item to use creatively tha you always felt was too extravagant.
7. Share your creativity with others by offering tips, teach or attend a class, join a related association. Have the courage to show others your work.
An article by Darla McCammon in the Warsaw Times Union served as the inspiration for this.

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