Friday, September 19, 2008


Yesterday, I spoke before a group of women, sharing the different programs and services the library provides and inviting them to be a financial partner with us.

During the meal, I was visiting with the ladies seated beside me. One subject led to another. I asked for the names of the different ladies in the room with us. The lady to the right of me then proceeded to point out the women and gave their names with a little explantion of who they were. At the conclusion of the "tour", I made a statement that there was at least one woman I would know, that I had met her several times before but didn't see her. I said her name was _____. The lady to my right, who had been so helpful, turned to me and said, "I'm _______________. Oops! For some reason, I hadn't recognized her. So embarrassing!

Other than that the meeting went well and the group volunteered to help physcially in any way as well as said they were considering helping with a Wii system. So, it at least ended on a positive note.

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