Friday, October 24, 2008

I am a Lipstick Republican!

Yes, it's true! I am Republican and I wear lipstick. I believe in the basic tenents and core values contained in the Republican Party platform . However, that doesn't mean I agree with everything they say or do. I love Mike, but I don't always agree with him on everything he says or does either.

Having said that, I am going to the Sarah Palin rally tomorrow! Mike stood in line in Ft. Wayne yesterday and got tickets for us. I am excited! This will be the first time I have attended a Presidential/Vice Presidential rally. I am hoping to get some closeup shots with my camera.

I am thinking of making a t-shirt with HUGE red glitter lips and the word, "Republican", meaning "Lipstick Republican". I think it would be cool! Maybe I can talk my sister into it also. Maybe, I can also talk Mike into donating one of his t-shirts for a worthy cause. Hmmmm...we'll see.

I really like Sarah Palin and I believe she has gotten a bad rap from the media. No matter what she says or does, they pick at it. I feel she represents me...a mother, wife of a union worker, from Main St., America, working outside the home, and a business owner. She understands balancing life with work. She is continually in my prayers as she pioneers in the position as a vice-presidential candidate.

So....tonight after finishing handing out popcorn to hundreds of Trick or Treaters in downtown Warsaw, I will be getting a t-shirt and supplies and fashioning a top for the rally tomorrow. GO RED!!!

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Kristine said...

Cheer Sarah on for me too!