Friday, October 17, 2008

Politics again!

Yes, I was schmoozing with the politicians last night at a Hall of Fame dinner. Congressman Mark Souder was there as guest speaker. I had a great time talking to him. Ironically, some of the talking points I made to him was included in his speech later. One CAN make a difference. The air was charged with electricity all evening. It was a special treat to be able to eat at the new restaurant, Fusion. Great meal! Interestingly, my tablemates were the media. Hmmm...never hurts to have friends in the media, right?

This year is going to be a squeaker. Lots of money is pouring in at the last minute in some of the pivotal races. People were encouraged to get energized and help at the phone banks. I can't imagine having only one party in power. This is a dangerous situation with the checks and balances removed. This reminds me of a friend who once coined, "Stop, drop, and pray!" How true!

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