Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ummm...Kathy, I set the house on fire.

I looked at Mike, disbelieving what I had just heard him say. Arching my brow, I said, "What?" I thought I had misheard him. He chuckled a little. "I really did!" he insisted. "I did it with the heat gun." How could he have done it with the heat gun? It didn't make sense. He must be joking. We had been using a heat gun to remove all the "alligator" paint for weeks. We only 3 feet to go on the entire house. However, he insisted he was telling the truth. He shared that he was in the last few feet of the trim and suddenly flames shot up. He immediately got the hose and hosed it down several times, testing the wood between each time. He detailed how he took out the old, rotten wood which had been the problem. For a while, I felt a little unnerved and kept sniffing periodically to see if I smelled smoke. It was already dark outside. Minutes passed by and no smoke or flames and I was finally able to relax. Ah, well. Another adventure to share.


R.E.II said...

Hello Kathy - thanks for sharing that!
Fantastic blog and I guess we share an interest: reading.
I love your blog although it's my first visit here and I would like to visit again if only one can find the way back? Please accept my invitation for a countervisit and lets endevour to stay connected.
Best wishes

Kathy said...

Become a follower! Do I know you?